Pesky Birds — 02
by OhSoSa

$120.00 sq m

Pesky Birds — 02
by OhSoSa

$120.00 sq m

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OhSoSa is a collaboration between interior designer, Paige Waplington, and photographer, Warwick Locke. “We wanted our designs to be about things that are South African, from hadedas to giraffes, strelitzias to zebras, with maybe a chongololo thrown in there somewhere; these things are all Oh So South African.”

“OhSoSa is our fun place, a place we can let our quirky, zany sides shine without the inevitable confines of a client-based relationship. We want our inner children to drive our designs, and let them lead us to places we so seldom go”.

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Antico, Dune, Linea, Stucco, Suede


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