Cosmología — Moonstone Night
by Alexandra Aguilar
[Deco Sticker]

$25.00$70.00 sq m

Cosmología — Moonstone Night
by Alexandra Aguilar
[Deco Sticker]

$25.00$70.00 sq m

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I’m a left-handed human who is a hug enthusiast and day dreamer living in Monterrey, Mexico. I have always had a special interest with patterns. It all started as a child, playing by myself with everything I could find. It could be bottle caps one day and fallen leaves the other. It had always been part of me. Those days creating objects, houses, and entire imaginary cities made out of useless things reappeared in college as an interest on design.

I always carry my notebook for a quick sketch if an idea pops into my mind or if I stumble upon an interesting motif. I always start in paper to later digitize the pattern in Illustrator and occasionally in Photoshop to give it more texture. Most of my patterns are inspired by nature, but I also enjoy exploring new topics. I play with abstract themes and repeats but also with figurative forms, or something in between.

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Deco Sticker - Material

Fabric – Pattern, Vinyl – Pattern


100cm * 50cm Landscape (1pc), 15cm * 15cm (24 pcs), 50cm * 100cm Portrait (1pc), Custom Size



Deco Sticker

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