Greenguard Gold

All LayerPlay Printerior Solutions are now “GREENGUARD GOLD” certified!


What does this mean? It means you can have a total peace of mind when it comes to the indoor health & safety of your family and loved ones when you choose LayerPlay’s custom Printerior products.

Our innovative green printing technology from from Hewlett Packard (HP) employs water-based inks coupled with premium textured paper and fabric materials sourced from reputable suppliers in Europe, to create a fun, safe and enjoyable indoor living environment that’s free of harmful odors & volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in traditionally printed interior products.

Learn more about how the Greenguard Certification is now a health standard when it comes to indoor printing and protecting your health against harmful chemicals! Remember to always look out for this logo or check with your local supplier whenever you’re out looking for printable home & decor products or services!

Greenguard Institute:

Greenguard Info:

If you are interested in bringing an art piece to your home.
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