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We often hear many reasons why clients prefer to go with wall papers instead of conventional paint. Be it visual aesthetics, customisation, covering unsightly spots, etc..
However, this project is really special. FENGSHUI! Yes, you heard it. Fengshui Master requested for more greenery to be in the room to improve chi & harmony.
Tricky as the owner didn’t want real life plants & pots in the house. But the overall result is a double win! Enhancing both the visual aesthetics of the wall, as well as the energy in the room. The fengshui purpose of this wall was for a long-lasting relationship. The owner has kindly given us permission to show you this picture and also said that the Fengshui master was very impressed with the wall.

If you are interested in bringing an art piece to your home no matter what your reason is, we will be happy to cater to your need.
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