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LayerPlay custom wallpaper isn’t just about wall art.
Everyone is unique and we embrace individual style, preference and personality.

We’re passionate about helping our clients tell their story through our highly customisable digital printerior solutions.

We seek to enable and delight the creative in you.
To deliver fresh, immersive indoor interior experiences that awe and captivate.

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  • Daleen Roodt

    Daleen Roodt (6)

    Born in Pretoria in 1986, Daleen Roodt is a mostly self-taught artist. After one year of studying art, she studied languages at the University of Pretoria and did an honours degree in translation and professional writing. Her botanical background began in 2008 with scientific illustrations for SANBI and the University of Pretoria, followed by various projects illustrating field guides and botanical journals. Commissioned to capture the indigenous flora of the Francolin Conservancy, she painted a collection of over 50 botanical works in watercolour and oil paint that formed the basis of her first solo exhibition in 2012. In 2010 she received a bronze medal at the Kirstenbosch Biennale for botanical watercolours, and in 2013 a silver medal for her botanical copper etchings. Daleen started doing copper etching in 2012 following a commission of journeying to Cambodia, and soon afterwards this intriguing medium manifested as her new style of botanical expression, complimenting her already established style of detailed watercolour illustrations to convey her fascination with the detail offered by Nature.
  • Donna Solovei

    Donna Solovei (7)

    Donna Solovei is a little thing. But her work – illustration-based creations adapted to suit different mediums, is pretty big. Hers is a playful, intricate world bursting with life while remaining delicate in its expression. Donna’s most recent obsession has been the merging and melding of animals – an imaginative world of might be’s and could’ve been where two become one. There is a certain kind of sensitivity to aesthetics in Donna’s work; she employs natural lines, influenced by the textures and shapes of the world around us, to depict her characters. Creating awareness in her own way, Donna’s love for animals is depicted in her drawings. Even as more animal species become endangered, Donna goes beyond the expected to create impossible new breeds on paper – Hycupines and Pythopards roam free in the jungles of this artist’s mind. Wide-eyed in wonder, she puts up on the walls, the things that don’t exist but that she pines to see come to life in the world.
  • Patricia Braune

    Patricia Braune (64)

    After 20 years in advertising as a graphic designer and art director, Patricia embarked on a new career in surface design and quickly fell in love with it. Working from her Sydney studio, the discipline enables her to combine her strong eye for composition with her passion for beautiful hand illustration, creating her signature style.

    Born in Brazil, raised in South Africa, and now living in Sydney, Patricia is truly a child of the world. She loves seeking out new global influences for her work, which is mostly drawn from the natural environment.

    “I love to travel, and often when I’m out walking I’ll spot a flower, tree, or leaves that I photograph and then research, which eventually becomes a design in a collection,” she says. “Because I draw aspects from nature, my inspiration is never-ending.”

    Patricia’s work starts as pen on paper, capturing all the details, movement and shape of her subject matter. Her designs are decorative, with a dreamy quality.

  • Room 13

    Room 13 (64)

    The Room 13 Collection is a unique range of textiles, cushions and wallpaper designed and produced by Room 13 Design ( Based in Cape Town, our boutique graphic design studio has been crafting beautiful things for over ten years. For a long time, it has been our dream to branch out into a new business where we could be our own client, and design a range that was true to our unique style; a collection that we would want in our very own homes. Developed over a period of three years, the Room 13 Collection is inspired by a vast compilation of concepts and ideas collected over time. These were then lovingly tailored by our talented designers and art directors into the drawings, collages and graphics now featured in these collections. We hope that each item will bring as much joy to your home as went into the making of it. With love from The Room 13 team
  • Sarah Corynen

    Sarah Corynen (41)

    Sarah Corynen is a Belgian designer and artist, originally educated in fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, graduated in 1993. For many years she has been employed in the fashion industry and related fields. Gradually she started focusing more on the graphics and experimental side of her work and at the same time, she limited her fashion-work to the knitwear medium. In addition to the knitwear, she continued making drawings, graphic artworks and objects using different media such as black Indian ink, coloured markers, cardboard, acrylic colours, etc. In the past years, she has developed a body of work in which applied and autonomous art coexist. Sarah mainly finds inspiration in daily life situations, nature, animals… In all her work she tries to maintain a graphical language that is bold, simple, brute, witty, straightforward and with a touch of humour. In February 2014 Sarah Corynen started her own creative studio and she showed her drawings for the first time at the textile shows Première Vision in Paris and Heimtextil in Frankfurt. Clients she worked with in the past are worldwide and produce fashion or home/interior products. Her goal for the near future is to further develop this graphic style and aesthetic in self-initiated or commissioned projects. Sarah Corynen lives and works in Belgium.
  • Tiphaine Alston

    Tiphaine Alston (65)

    Tiphaine is a British textile designer and a graduate of the Royal College of Art, whom splits her time between London and Cape Town. Her unique multi-layered and textured artworks are created using a combination of traditional techniques such as screen-printing, hand drawing, painting, collage, and modern digital technologies.
  • WORK

    WORK (35)

    WORK Pte Ltd is an award-winning design company in Singapore since 1997. Headed by Singapore's first President's Design Award recipient, Theseus Chan (Mr), the company is a highly regarded design company, both locally and internationally. Achievements include the prestigious British D&AD Awards for Outstanding Achievements and Creative Excellence continuously over the years. Present and previous international projects and collaborations include Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Market, Steidl (Germany), Louis Vuitton Japan, Moynat Paris, Hermes, Parco (Japan), The Pedder Group (Hong Kong) and Nicholas Kirkwood (UK). Projects within Singapore include the National Gallery Singapore, National Museum of Singapore, Club21, COMO Group and branding work for PHS Hairscience and DrGL® are in portfolio. WORK is also the publisher of the globally regarded, WERK Magazine for its thinking and approach to the printed matter.
  • Design Collective

    Design Collective (22)

    Design Collective is our very own LayerPlay's collection of unique designs. Looking for chic, urban designs but can't seem to find that suits? Seeking a lush, floral look for your living spaces? Check out our collection of freshly, curated designs covering themes from floral, animal, ethnic, tropical, vintage, tiled, oceanic, urban, spotted, kids to oriental designs. You're bound to find one you can fall in love with!

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LayerPlay’s Fully custom wallpaper in Singapore are endorsed with both Green Guard Gold® & Bio Pruf™ , two of the highest possible ratings for your indoor health safety.

Our Print Technology offers health & environmental advantages. Most importantly, these high quality prints are anti-bacteria, odour-less & chemical free with no-VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) present.

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Sourced from only the most reputable suppliers in Europe. LayerPlay’s Wall-covering range comes in non-woven paper & fabric-backed materials that boast a “Class O” Fire Rating (essential for public spaces).

Used on every type of surface, our materials allow moisture & condensation to pass through, preventing it from peeling over time. This micro-venting technology for humid environments also adds protection against the growth of microbes like mold, fungi & mildew.

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Having had wallpapers installed previously, I’m well aware of the benefits of having it. However, mine began to peel shortly due to weather elements in my area. That’s where I decided to engage LayerPlay to redo my wall. Am honestly impressed with the way the team handled the project. Also pleasantly surprised to know that their custom printed wall-covering material expands and contracts based on the room temperature, meaning that peeling is less likely to occur! Now I have an awesome looking feature wall, at the same time I can have a peace of mind knowing that my new wall coverings won’t come off as easily as before!

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Service Excellence is the word to describe my experience. I was treated as if I was buying a Da Vinci painting but in fact I only spent slightly above $100.


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Excellent service. Work was done exactly to my liking! Highly recommended and will work with them again in the future!


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Just received my canvas prints from Layerplay.. Must say that I am very impressed with their product and their way of handling customer service. Was extremely helpful throughout, helped to do a sample mock up for me even though it was not part of their co. policy to do so. Was also surprised to receive a care package. Highly recommended seller if you are looking to decorate your house with art poster or canvas prints!


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It was my first time ordering and Mr Ho was very accommodating! He was responsive and helped in making choices as well as accommodating to mine. The service was great and the extra gesture was the sweetest! Could never thank you enough for the little extra gifts! 🙂


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